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You Must Keep Going

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There once was an older man, living from social security check to social security check. He lived in a tiny house and was driving around in a distressed old car.

At 65 years old, he decided that he had to change his life – and considering what he had to offer, he finally decided to go with his chicken recipe.

Many of his friends and family had complimented his cooking, and so he decided his chicken recipe was his best shot at changing his life around.

So, the man traveled all across the United States, trying to sell his chicken recipe.

He told restaurant owners that he would give the recipe away for free, as long as he was entitled to a small percentage of sales.

Unfortunately, he heard “no” over 1,000 times. However, he didn’t give up. He knew that he had something special, and he continued trying to sell his recipe.

Finally one day he heard a yes. And that was the day KFC was born. You see that 65 year old man was Harland Sanders. Today KFC remains one of the most successful businesses to date all because Harland Sanders wouldn’t except no for an answer.

He knew it only took 1 yes and he finally got his YES!

What an amazing story!

Harland Sanders had a dream, a vision of the life he would love to live and he took what he had and he created an incredible legacy!

I tell you this story today to encourage you, that you too can live a life you would love to live. Whether it’s selling your chicken recipe, gardening, doing something extravagant or whatever your mind can think of that you would love, you absolutely can live a life you would love.

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