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Feeling stuck? Wanting something more . . . but not sure what?
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Are you ready to create the life you’ve always wanted . . . 

but never thought you could?

Are you feeling stuck in your life?
Bored in your marriage?
Tired of going to a job you hate?
Ready to create a live you love?

I felt that way too . . .

Several years ago, when my children were ready to leave home and after years of supporting my husband in his career, and caring for our aging parents, I felt a longing for a change.

Through my own journey of transformation, and with the help and guidance of my personal coach, I found new purpose and joy in my life, and discovered my calling and my passion: Helping women who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and have a burning desire to be more and do more without letting guilt, shame or age stand in the way of making the leap into their next chapter of life.

How I Help

As a Certified Dream Builder Coach, I help women who are tired of living on autopilot

  • take back control of their lives
  • experience more joy,
  • feel more fulfilled and 
  • wake up feeling excited about their day.

Client Stories

Early this year (2020) I decided I needed a “boost” in my life.

Overall, my life is fine, I have everything to be honest, but it wasn’t the life of my dreams. I really had this really unconscious attitude that “My real life will begin when…” — except my “real” life wasn’t really coming.

I was somewhere between waiting for it to happen and doing something to get there but had no direction either way. I needed something but I didn’t know what.

I saw Rajika in an Instagram Live video. She was not even talking about life coaching but things she said made me realize that she was who I was I looking for. While I had zero expectations or even experience with life coaching, so many things about Rajika told me that she was worth a try after our initial conversation. She is kind, curious, not-at-all-pushy, and just in general easy to share my dreams with.

From the start, she reflected potentials in me that I was secretly really after. Initially, what was most moving is that she helped me stop questioning my dream. In the coaching, I found Rajika and the program to the game-changer I needed. I experienced changes in myself and my approach to my life that I would’ve never otherwise done without her life-coaching.

The program shifted my mindset in a way that I could never go back to. The best part is, Rajika and this program is neither “hokey” nor “culty.” They are genuine, practical and all of it is doable. The program has this funny but great way of putting your “dream” self in the driver’s seat of the car that is your authentic self. Rajika is the passenger keeping you on your course.”

Monique L.