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The Missing Piece to Your Vision

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Can you imagine watching an entire movie with the sound off and no subtitles? You’d be missing a really important component to that movie!

It can be the same way with our own lives. We set amazing goals and have great visions, but oftentimes we are missing an important piece. And when you’re missing this piece in your visioning process, you’re missing a really important component and may end up not seeing real life results.

The missing piece is the emotionalizing of our vision or allowing ourselves to feel the 5 senses of that vision. Without these, it’s like watching a movie with the sound off.

Here’s how to add that component and why it is so important and effective:

As you’re imagining yourself inside of the result that you want, also imagine what it feels like?

What are you touching?
What are you seeing around you?
What smells would you be experiencing when you’re achieving that?
What kind of sounds are you hearing?
Is there any taste connected to that vision?

The more that we can utilize our five senses in our vision, the more we emotionalize it, and it’s in our emotions where our magnetic field exists. Where we attract the ideas, the resources, and the people required to turn that vision from an idea into a reality.

So imagine with me right now for a moment, it’s three years from now, and it’s all worked out and you’ve achieved that vision and you’re living it.

See yourself in that. Feel it. What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you taste? What are you touching?

The more that you can use your five senses inside your visioning, the more it will level up that visioning process and decrease the time required to manifest the life you would love to live.

Make sure that not only are you asking the question, “what would I love?” and visioning for the life you would love, but that you’re using your five senses. As you do that, you will level up your visioning experience and therefore have better results.

If you would love some support getting really clear about what you want in your life, book a strategy session with me Today.

Enjoy a 1:1 complementary session with me and during our time together I will help you get greater clarity on your vision for the results that you would love and assist you in taking your next step towards stepping into your vision.

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