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How to Truly Love Yourself

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I can hardly believe it is February already. As we move into the month of Love I am reminded how important it is to show myself love. But that is not always so easy. Thoughts can begin to creep in:

“If I could just push a little harder…”
“If I just stay up a little later to work on this project…”
“I just need to put in more time…”
“I am not worthy of this dream…”

Whatever the thoughts may be for each of us, it’s easy to get pulled into the thought pattern of “You must power through it to live a great life.” And maybe you have spent much of your life being told that was the “Key.”

But quiet that inner voice and open your mind and heart to this:

Each and every one of us was created for greatness.
Yes, YOU were created for greatness, and you can live a life you love with ease.

You may be thinking, “Rajika, that sounds too good to be true.”

But it’s not. Living a life we love to live is available to everyone. We just need to embrace it. And an important part of creating that life and embracing your greatness includes taking time for self-care and loving yourself.

Self-care doesn’t have to be an elaborate ordeal (unless that is what you would love). It can be as simple as taking a moment to close your eyes and breathe, or to take a moment to spend time outside and soak up the sunshine, reading a good book, or a hot bath with candles… Whatever soothes your soul and leaves you feeling refreshed, that is self-love.

So today I want to encourage you to embrace February, the month of love, and take a moment to love yourself. When the weight of life starts to feel heavy, pause and take a moment for you. Do what makes your heart sing and all the things you have worked so hard on will begin to feel easier and flow seamlessly.

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