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How to Recongize Limiting Beliefs

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Have you ever had a thought like:

“What will people think?”
“What if I fail?”
“I’m too old to do that.”
“That’s going to be a ton of work.”

You have a vision, a goal, or something that’s important to you, and you start moving towards that goal. In the beginning, not all of you will resonate with your capacity or you deserve to achieve that goal. These are what we call limiting beliefs. They are beliefs that we have held about ourselves that aren’t necessarily true, but they limit us from living into our full potential.

It is easy to look at people who have achieved great success and think “They are so confident” or “They know it all”. But that is not true. Everyone has limiting beliefs about themselves that limits them to live into their full potential

When we’re working with these limiting beliefs, first we want to recognize them so we can re-pattern them and release them.

The first step is to normalize them.

It’s okay to have these thoughts. It’s okay to have these doubts. But the power is what do you do with those beliefs? Most of us, if were not aware of these limiting beliefs and don’t have the tools to reframe them and have the structure of support around us, those limiting ideas can play havoc with us leaving us frustrated and often giving up on our dreams and goals.

On the other hand, people who have gone on to accomplish their goals and their dreams, they’ve learned to reframe those limiting beliefs, and learned how to not let those limiting beliefs have them. They have learned how to consciously control them, re-pattern them and replace them into an expansive idea.

First, what’s required is having a crystal-clear vision. When we have a clear vision it’s a powerful way to notice the limiting beliefs that are not in alignment with our dreams. Anything unlike the vision will start to rise up, so we become aware of those thoughts, and we normalize them.

So, we notice the limiting belief, and instead of making that limiting belief really big or giving it any meaning, we can notice we are growing, and it feels uncomfortable. We want to focus on our Vision and give it power versus giving power to the limiting belief to make us feel smaller.

The next step is to replace that thought with something that’s expansive. The three magic words “Up until now”. When we insert the magic words, it gives less power to the limiting thought. It sends a message to our subconscious mind that the captain is changing direction.

For example: “Up until now”, I was afraid that I would fail, but now I know that failure is part of the journey. I would have rather tried than have the regret of not trying.
Up until now, I used to believe that maybe I was too old to accomplish this dream, but now I know I have lots of life within me.

And we replace that thought with one that’s more empowering and more expansive.
The final step when we’re re-patterning these limiting beliefs in service of our vision is to take an action step.

Remember those limiting beliefs want you to play small. They don’t want you taking action, they want you to feel stuck and give up. But the key is to “notice what you’re noticing”, and you notice that limiting belief, you remind yourself that you are so much more than that limiting belief. You replace it with a more expansive thought, something from your vision of who you truly are. And then you serve it with action.

What’s one step I can take in service of my dream? As you take that step, you start to install a new more empowering self-image. Your vision just won, and that limiting belief has a little bit less power over you.

Know that as you are moving towards your vision and growing, you’re going to hear from that little voice. You have the power to re-pattern it in service of your vision.

Take conscious control, override it, serve it with action, and that will take you all the way into your vision.

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