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How to Manifest What You Want

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Have you ever been in a dark room and you began to feel so sleepy? Or maybe you have watched a movie that left you feeling strong emotions such as sadness, fear, or happiness? In order to manifest the life we would love we must surround ourselves with people with the level of energy we would love to experience ourselves.

Maybe you have felt yourself struggling? Maybe in several areas? And when you look around all your friends are struggling with similar issues? And while you think you should feel grateful because you have people experiencing similar things and they “understand,” instead you don’t feel good at all and you wonder what’s missing.

The energy we choose to surround ourselves with is the energy that we also experience ourselves. So if we surround ourselves with positive and happy people, we will feel more positivity and happiness. If we surround ourselves with dramatic people, we may also feel ourselves feeling more dramatic and soon we are exhibiting similar behavior.

By choosing to be around people who are positive and uplifting, we help ourselves expand into that arena too, and in turn we help the people around us to experience a more positive and uplifting life.

  • Do you want to experience success in your life? Surround yourself with “successful” people.
  • Do you want a life filled with laughter and joy? Surround yourself with people who make you laugh and bring you joy.
  • Do you want a life filled with blessings? Be a blessing to others and the blessings will come back to you.

There is energy surrounding all of us and learning how to get the most out of our energy can be life changing.

One of my favorite tools to help myself and others is to have “Partners in Believing.” Find people that are at a place in life where you would love to be or where they are working hard to achieve the life they would love. Ask them if they would love to team up so that you both can support each other. And set up a weekly time to check in. If you have a week where you are searching for an answer and you just can’t seem to find the answer, talk it out with your Partner in Believing. Often they will have an idea or an acquaintance that will help propel you to the next level.

Another tool to help you manifest the life you love is to give where you feel a lack. That’s right, give where you feel a lack. If that mean’s money, give money and you will begin to feel it flowing back to you. If you feel a lack of compliments, give compliments. A lack in time, give time. A lack in friendship, give friendship. A lack in love, give love. Anywhere you feel a lack or an energy less then you would love, give in that area you and you will find that desire flowing back to you.

I encourage you this week to find one person you would love to be partners in believing with and start a conversation with them. Invite them to be a partner in believing and see how that relationship will blossom. Next, when you begin to feel a lack, give in that area and watch the energy begin to shift. You will begin to see and feel the areas where you felt a lack will begin to flow into your life.

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