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Here’s why Affirmations Work

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This week I want to remind you that:

YOU are amazing!

You were created for greatness!

You can live the life you would absolutely love to live.

You have a power breathing you far greater than you ever thought possible. You can be or do anything you want in life and The only thing holding you back (up until now) is you.

You have the power to live a life you would LOVE living. And this week I would love to do a little exercise with you. I want you to give yourself a full week of leaning in, participating and noticing what you are noticing and as you notice things shifting I would love to hear about your experience.

Get a pen and paper or if you prefer to type it out and print it off then grab your computer. Find a quiet space and put a timer for 10 minutes to write down some affirmations for yourself. For example:

I am beautiful
I am confident
I am enough
I am a successful ________
I am making 6 or 7 figures a year.
I am traveling the world and experiencing new things
And the list goes on…

Over the next week, keep your affirmations nearby or tape them to the mirror and take time every day to read over what you have written. Say your affirmations three times a day out loud into the mirror. At first you may feel a little funny but stick with it and continue doing this for the entire week. Once the week has passed allow yourself to reflect on how you feel or maybe changes you have noticed taking place in your life.

You will love the results.

Much love!

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