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Do This If You Want More Abundance

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Have you ever heard the expression, “Those who have more will be given to those who have not; even what they have will be taken away”?

Or maybe you’ve heard it this way, “The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.” That feels really unfair and perhaps even unjust at one level, but it’s simply how the laws work.

When we have an abundant mindset, when we’re grateful, and when we’re counting our blessings, we attract more of that into our life. When we’re in scarcity and lack thinking, we push that abundance away.

In a time like now, when the economy is up and down, the war, it’s easy to get into a lack and scarcity mindset. We feel this pressure as we see our investments taking a hit or the uncertainty of world events and money going out of our accounts; it can feel daunting and scary.

If that’s you right now, and you’re feeling like money is scarce, or you’re feeling the pressure around finances, I’m inviting you into an experiment for one week.

Start by taking a nice deep breath.

Now really look at your life and identify the blessings. Look for all of the abundance around you.

Start noticing the abundance of the friends you have, the love you have, all of the blessings in your home, the abundance of dishes, books, artwork, or, or, or. Just look around your life, and you will see there’s abundance everywhere.

Next time you walk into the grocery store, notice the abundance of food. The different cereals, the pastas, coffees, or other foods. Notice the array of fresh fruits and vegetables that you can choose and touch. The abundance is everywhere if we’re willing to look for it!

It’s really easy to get distracted by where we’re feeling lack and scarcity, and I hear you! That lack mindset creates more opportunities for lack. But don’t let that feeling distract you.

Now it’s your turn to turn up the volume on abundance.

This is your opportunity to step into an experiment to invite more abundance into your life. First, make sure that you’re doing your gratitude practice every day.

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